Unleashing the Potential: A Comprehensive Guide to RC Dirt Oval Bodies



Remote Control (RC) dirt oval racing is a thrilling and dynamic hobby that combines the precision of RC car control with the excitement of racing on challenging dirt tracks. While the heart of any RC car lies in its chassis and electronics, the body plays a crucial role in performance, aerodynamics, and personalization. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the world of RC dirt oval bodies, exploring the types, designs, aerodynamics, customization, maintenance, and tips for choosing the right body for your RC car.


Quick Tips for RC Dirt Oval Bodies


  1. Consider the Track Conditions:


  • Tailor your choice of RC dirt oval body to the specific conditions of the track. Factors such as dirt composition and moisture levels can significantly impact performance.


  1. Experiment with Aerodynamics:


  • Adjusting wing angles and exploring high or low-downforce bodies allows you to fine-tune your RC car’s aerodynamics for optimal handling on different tracks.


  1. Personalize Your Look:


  • Take advantage of the customization options that Lexan bodies offer. A well-painted body with unique decals not only adds a personal touch but can also enhance visibility during races.


  1. Regular Maintenance is Key:


  • Inspect your RC dirt oval body regularly for cracks and signs of wear. Swift repairs and reinforcements can extend the life of your body and maintain consistent performance.


  1. Engage with the Community:


  • Join online forums, social media groups, or local racing events to connect with experienced RC dirt oval enthusiasts. Sharing tips and experiences can provide valuable insights into body choices and optimization.


Types of RC Dirt Oval Bodies


  1. Lexan Bodies


Lexan bodies dominate the RC dirt oval scene due to their lightweight and durable characteristics. Their flexibility allows for easy customization through painting and applying decals. Popular models include the Pro-Line Racing PROTOform series and JConcepts bodies.


  1. Injection-Molded Bodies


In contrast, injection-molded bodies offer different material properties, impacting the car’s weight distribution and overall handling. These bodies can withstand more significant impacts, making them a choice for racers anticipating rougher races or beginners learning the ropes.


Body Design and Aerodynamics


  1. Impact of Body Design on Aerodynamics


The design of your RC dirt oval body significantly influences aerodynamics and, consequently, performance. Understanding the following aspects can help you make informed choices:


  1. High-Downforce vs. Low-Downforce Bodies:


  • High-downforce bodies provide increased grip and stability but may sacrifice top speed. Low-downforce bodies, on the other hand, excel in speed but require precise handling.



  1. Spoilers:


  • Front and rear spoilers play a crucial role in controlling airflow. Experiment with different spoiler sizes and shapes to find the optimal balance for your racing style.


  1. Wheel Wells and Side Skirts:


  • The shape and positioning of wheel wells and side skirts affect the airflow around the tires. Fine-tune these elements to enhance cornering and stability.


  1. Adjustability and Tuning


  1. Adjustable Body Mounts:


  • Opt for RC cars with adjustable body mounts. This feature allows you to alter the body’s height and angle, providing flexibility to adapt to varying track conditions.


  1. Modifying Wing Angles:


  • Experiment with different wing angles to optimize downforce. A flatter wing may excel on high-speed tracks, while a steeper angle might be preferable for tight turns.


  1. Balancing Downforce:


  • Achieving the right balance of front and rear downforce is essential. Too much on one end can result in understeer or oversteer. Fine-tune this balance for optimal control.


Painting and Decals


  1. Importance of a Well-Painted Body


A well-painted RC dirt oval body not only adds a visual flair but also serves practical purposes. A vibrant and easily distinguishable body can help you track your car’s position during races, especially when navigating through a pack of competitors.


  1. Tips for Painting RC Dirt Oval Bodies


  1. Preparing the Body Surface:


  • Clean the body thoroughly before painting to ensure proper adhesion. Sand the surface lightly to create a better bond for the paint.
  1. Choosing the Right Paint:


  • Select high-quality RC car paint compatible with Lexan bodies. Consider using masking tape to create crisp lines and intricate designs.


  1. Applying Decals for a Professional Look:


  • Apply decals with precision to enhance the overall aesthetics. Clear-coat the body after applying decals for a polished and professional finish.


Maintenance and Repair


  1. Common Issues with RC Dirt Oval Bodies


  1. Cracks and Fractures:


  • Regularly inspect your RC dirt oval body for cracks, especially around high-stress areas. Reinforce weak points with additional material or support.


  1. Wear and Tear from Racing:


  • Racing inevitably results in wear and tear. Swiftly address minor damages to prevent them from escalating into more significant issues.


  1. Repair Techniques and Materials


  1. Reinforcing Weak Points:


  • Identify vulnerable areas, such as the front nose and wheel arches, and reinforce them with additional layers of Lexan or suitable materials.


  1. Patching and Repainting:


  • Patch small cracks with specialized RC repair kits. If repainting is required, ensure that the new paint adheres properly by following the recommended procedures.



Choosing the Right Body for Your RC Car


  1. Factors to Consider


  1. Track Conditions:


  • Adapt your body choice to the specific conditions of the track. A well-suited body can provide a considerable advantage in terms of grip and handling.


  1. Type of Racing:


  • Consider the nature of the races you participate in. Different tracks and race formats may benefit from specialized body designs.


  1. Personal Driving Style:


  • Your driving style plays a crucial role. Whether you prefer aggressive maneuvers or a more controlled approach, your body choice should complement your style.


  1. Seeking Advice from Experienced Racers


  1. Online Forums and Communities:


  • Engage with the RC dirt oval racing community on forums and social media. Experienced racers often share valuable insights and recommendations.
  1. Local Racing Events:


  • Attend local racing events to observe and interact with seasoned racers. Their firsthand experiences can guide you in making informed choices.


  1. C. Experimenting with Different Bodies for Optimal Performance


  1. Try and Test


  • Don’t hesitate to experiment with different bodies during practice sessions. Track the performance differences and adapt your choice based on real-world experiences.
  1. Keep an Open Mind:


  • The world of RC dirt oval bodies is dynamic. Stay open to trying new models and designs as technology and materials evolve.


Recommended Products and Prices


Product Brand/Model Price (USD)
Lexan Body Pro-Line Racing PROTOform $25 – $40
Lexan Paint Tamiya PS Series $7 – $12
Decal Set JConcepts, Pro-Line Racing, Custom $5 – $20
Adjustable Body Mounts RPM, Traxxas, Associated $8 – $15
RC Repair Kit Bondic, Plastruct, E6000 $5 – $20
Injection-Molded Body Team Associated, Losi, ARRMA $30 – $50
Body Reamer Dynamite, ProTek RC, Hudy $10 – $25
RC Body Stand Integy, Duratrax, RPM $10 – $20
Wing Set DE Racing, STRC, RPM $8 – $15


Note: Prices may vary based on location and availability.




In the dynamic realm of RC dirt oval racing, the choice of your RC dirt oval body can make a significant difference in performance, aesthetics, and overall racing experience. By understanding the nuances of body types, aerodynamics, and customization options, you can unleash the full potential of your RC car. Remember, the key is not only in choosing the right body but also in fine-tuning and experimenting to find what works best for your unique racing style.

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